Happy Valentine’s Day !

Good morning boys and girls ! Yes, it’s Valentine’s Day, but before you say “Eww, Ohmigosh, Eww”, let me just tell you:

YOU SUCK. You know why ? Because I’m pretty sure you’re thinking that Valentine’s Day is a commercial holiday, made for rich Italian lovers or children with cupcake issues.
NO ! Valentine’s Day hasn’t always been commercial, it started off as a Holiday of Love created by a Mexican guy called Valentino

(Yes I made that up.)

But honestly, instead of crying over your single life, giving happy couples the evil look and attending anti-Valentine parties, just SHARE THE LOVE.

Really, think of all the people you love in this world: your best friend, your family, your puppy. And spend the whole day with them. This is not a joke, seriously, be someone’s valentine today!

Legend has it that when my oldest brother Paul was in Kindergarten, my mother had to miss out on his class’ Valentine’s Day party – because she had just given birth. Even though everyone else’s mother was there, I’m pretty sure Paul understood that his valentine was the most special of them all – my little sister Safiya.

So the moral of the story is, you can find your valentine anywhere and in anyone.

Valentine’s Day isn’t a commercial holiday if you don’t buy anything. Call your mom, walk your dog, skype your best friend, bake cookies with your Grandma, just stop pretending that you have nothing to celebrate.

On that note, have an extravagantly sociable V-Day and maybe next year you won’t spend it alone!



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