The Truth about Being an Adult

Part 2 of Being 21

Since March 23rd,  I seriously have been experiencing adult-like symptoms. Here’s a list of things that I’ve been up to since I turned 21.


– I drink tea with only one sugar cube.

– I go to bed before 11pm… And I wake up at 7am everyday.

– I shake my colleagues’ hands with confidence instead of shyly waving from a distance.


– I got used to being called Miss Louise-Julie. I was even called Mrs. the other day.

– Cereal doesn’t give me energy, it just makes me hungrier.

– My brother Paul’s getting married, and he’s only four years older than me.

– I look at highschoolers and think, “When was I that immature?” Three years ago, Zahra.

– I haven’t had a birthday cake in two years.

– I know how to make Woo Woo, Sangria, Tequila sunrise and Mojito cocktails. Sometimes, I even add a little lemon wedge on the side.

– I own six little black dresses. In fact most of my wardrobe is black,white or grey.

– I clean my appartment every Saturday. And when I say clean, I mean dishes, laundry, bathroom scrubbing, window cleaning, kitchen cleaning, dusting furniture and vacuuming.

– I don’t have any games on my phone or tablet.

– I change my Facebook profile picture once every five months. And when I do, it’s an old one.

– I tweet more than I Facebook. So follow me @zahraljmusic.

– I’ve made peace with the fact that I will only get bills, letters from my bank or pizza ads in my mailbox.

– I read the news, watch the weather channel and watch World War II movies. For fun.

– I paint my nails. Seriously,  I only did this once a YEAR back when I was a teenager two years ago.

– I listen to Beyonce’s 2006 Bday album while doing the dishes.

– The last time I was interested in shows like “Awkward.”, “The Vampire Diaries” and yes, even “Gossip Girl”,  I was 17 and a half years old.

– My brother Roshan introduced me to Crazy Frog, eleven years ago. He even played it for me on the electric piano once.

– I buy gifts with my own money,  not my parents’.

– I can cook over 40 meals. Like actual dinners my mother makes, not pasta with ketchup.

– I’ve made peace with the fact that no matter what, I will always be late for everything.

– I don’t read books for pleasure anymore. Teenage romances like Sarah Dessen or Stephenie Meyer have been replaced with encyclopedias, textbooks, digital versions of “The Great Gatsby” or “The Dead” by James Joyce.

– I can add, subtract, multiply and divide. Sometimes. With my calculator.

– Speaking of siblings, why is baby Safiya already 18 years old, in college and everything ? Last time I checked we were pretending to be Rina and Amy, the imaginary French and Spanish orphan teenage spies that kidnapped other teenagers for a living.



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