Meet Yara (Or 10 reasons why she’s my soul mate)

The other day, in honor of National Best Friend day, I wrote a blog post about the six types of best friends I have. But because of space, time and energy, I didn’t tell you about one of my most favorite people in the world – so I’ve decided to dedicate this article to her.

This is Yara El Eid after she courageously chopped off her voluminous locks of Mediterranean hair.

© All Rights Reserved 2014

And here are 10 reasons why she’s my soul mate.

1) She introduced me to philly cheese and bagels. I kid you not.

2) Our voices are so synchronized, they’re married. Romeo and Juliet ain’t got nothing on our voices. We open our mouths and our voices hug each other. Basically when we sing,  we harmonize really well and she has the most beautiful voice ever.

3) My mom adores Yara for God knows what reason. She just came over one time and swept my mother off her feet as I watched jealously, eating a philly cheese bagel.

4) We became friends because of her dad. Her dad was going to a Paul McCartney concert so I spent a whole subway trip trying to convince her to get her dad to take me. It didn’t happen, Yara thought I was crazy,  but now we’re friends so I guess it worked.

5) I was randomly invited to eat dinner at her cousins’ house before a Madonna concert in another city. Her family is amazing for taking me with them. And even though I have beef with 99.9% of the Lebanese girls I know, I’m technically the third daughter at their house. You know, just in case they have too much labneh in the fridge or something.

6) Yara’s sister Maya is my favorite teenager in the world. She’s the complete opposite of everything I hate about teenagers. Which means she’s super mature and just awesome.

7) We are Why & Zee. We’re a legit band, we made a fan page and everything ! Except that now we’re on two different continents, band practice has been postponed until we’re not lazy anymore. Like us here!

8) We love and hate the same people. Like that one guy who invited us on that yacht in Nice, but was a total jerktard. We didn’t like you since highschool anyway, Kevin!

9) I’ve never had a fight with Yara before. Like ever ever, because she’s probably the only person that can calm me down, no matter how mad I am.

10) Our response to everything we say to each other is “Shut up, ugly!” We sound like rude hateful beings but that really means “You’re the coolest, we should totally buy friendship bracelets.”

© All Rights Reserved 2014

To Yara, the Why to my Zee.


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