Happy Father’s Day !

© All Rights Reserved 2014

When I was in second grade, I was already a drama queen. Every Tuesday (or something like that), I’d start school later and my father would be at home, working. He would make me pancakes and ask me about my day. Patiently, he’d listen to all my stories and friend problems. He would sometimes comment, sometimes nod, genuinely listening to my chatting.

My dad is the best father a girl could have.

Sometimes he would help my sister and me get ready for church. He’d brush our hair and pick out clothes for us. When I think back on those days, the greatest memory I have is that my father has always been a listener.

We have so many things in common:

1) Even though we don’t like spending money, we always end up buying something.

2) We know we’re good looking.

3) A lot of our jokes are really lame, but we insist on telling them over and over again.

4) Both of our birthdays are in March.

5) We love traveling to new destinations.

6) Food is the most important thing at a party, it sort of decides if we’re going or not.

7) We’re the first ones to fall asleep in front of a movie.

© All Rights Reserved 2014

My father makes the best pancakes, chili, carrot soufflé, Cantonese rice and nems. He used to paint, dance, draw and write. Now he’s my inspiration, to work hard in everything I do and succeed at what I love most.

I love you Daddy, Happy Father’s Day !


2 thoughts on “Happy Father’s Day !

  1. Thank you Sweetheart! I am really really touched. I didn’t know you felt that way about me. I love you! Daddy.

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