T’ai Chi, Kina Grannis, Matte Nail Polish, Sushi and Grease !

Hey guys! It’s been a good month since I haven’t posted. I’ve been busy getting ready for classes, preparing English lessons and eating.

Today’s blog post is a special one because I’m going to share the top 5 things I did/tried/tasted in the past month.

1) T’ai Chi Chuan

Two weeks ago, I signed up for Tai Chi classes because I decided that my vacation from physical activity is over. I hate sports, yoga classes were full, so I took Tai Chi. For those of you who don’t know what Tai Chi is, let me explain it to you because I used to think it meant curry thai noodles. Tai Chi is an internal Chinese martial art according to Wikipedia. I personally do not share this opinion because if there’s one thing I do know, is that I am so not a martial arts person. When I was a preteen, I had a crush on this guy that did Taekwondo after school. I begged my parents, “Please can I do Taekwondo pleaasseeeeee!” I even brought them the sign-up sheets but somehow they were ‘misplaced’ and I ended up taking ballet lessons.

Anyway, Tai Chi for me, is like a mixture between stretching, yawning, breathing, yoga and flower power. It’s all about the peace you find within yourself, feeling the earth, sky and environment’s energy, blablabla. Whatever, it gets me extra credit and I like it.


2) Kina Grannis’ Elements album

I have been a fan of Kina Grannis since Myspace was cool. I actually love her just as much as Beyonce, and almost as much as the Beatles. She has the voice of angels and humming birds mixed with life, melody, clouds and flowers, if that makes any sense.

Her latest album Elements is AMAZING. My favorites are the first four: “Dear River”, “The Fire”, “My Dear” and “Winter”. They sing exactly what my heart and soul feels and everything about her is beautiful. I have nothing negative to say except that Kina Grannis should come to Lyon and be my best friend.

So PLEASE check out her album here, and buy it on iTunes (you will not regret it, even if it may be the only album you’ve ever bought, I pinky promise) !

3) Matte Nail Polish

This is such a YES on my “Do I really need to buy these things?” list. Matte nail polish changed my life for two glorious reasons:
-Black nail polish finally looks good under a clear coat of matte nail polish. I used to look like a wanna-be emo whenever I wore black nail polish.
-It dries quickly, and you can see when it’s dried because it looks *mAtTe*.

large m

4) Sushi Girls Night In

So as a child, I used to love sleepovers. In fact, every chance I got, I would ask my parents to let me have a sleepover. I don’t know why this was my passion because my friends and I usually did nothing less than eat junk food, watch chick flicks and do each other’s make-up.

Friday, a friend of mine invited a bunch of girls over for a girls night in, and I had a great time as usual. The only difference, is that we’re all 18+ so we had a grown woman sleepover with cocktails and SUSHI. I capitalize SUSHI because it’s just so good. We didn’t order overpriced sushi like most people seem to like wasting their money on. One of our friends already knew how to make sushi, so we bought all the ingredients and materials, and we made about 60 sushis. We only spent about 7 euros between us, which is the price of two pieces of sushi. From now on, when you feel like eating overpriced raw fish in a fancy manner, visit: http://makemysushi.com/ and you’re golden ! (You’re welcome.)

Here is the masterpiece our dear friend Xinyi created for us, which entirely disappeared 15 minutes later.


5) Grease !


I love this movie! Even though it’s been out since long before I was born, I watched Grease for the first time a few days ago. I loved how cheesy it was. I loved how surprisingly colorful the characters’ language was compared to the watered-down play my old high school put on. (I was supposed to be Ms. Lynch, some unknown BS teacher nobody ever knew/cared about. Then I said nah, because I wanted to sing so they made me a random cheerleader. This was because apparently, “Sandy must be white”, “the Pink Ladies must be white”, “the T-birds must be white” and all us black people were background characters or “decorators”. If that was the case, why didn’t they do Hairspray instead, in a predominantly black school, huh?) On another note, I absolutely enjoyed the movie, especially the “Beauty School Drop-out” scene because let’s face it, Frenchy’s guardian angel’s truth-telling is pretty mean.



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