White Lie

Here’s what happens when you tell a lie.

It begins so simple, nobody would mind

The more you tell, the more you give

Until it’s something you can’t forgive

The more you say, the more you know

To make it interesting, or it’ll blow

You decorate with ribbons, and then with bows

And then with glitter and soon it glows

It’s terribly long, with so many holes

You can’t keep up, so you lie low

You think the lie has faded away

Until someone remembers the day

You told a lie you’d soon forget

Or did it just not happen yet?

The more they ask, the more you give

The more they know, they can’t forgive

That one little story, that small white lie

You’re all alone, and now you know why.


© “White Lie” by Zahra L-J – All Rights Reserved – 2014

Picture found on weheartit.com


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