Annoying things that 20-somethings do

I’m 21 years old, going on 22 so technically, I’ve only been a 20-something for a year. If you’re like me, I’m sure that you sometimes reflect on the stupid/embarrassing/awkward/weird stuff you did back when you were in high school or middle school and cringe. Like that time I created a friends club in middle school so that all my BFF’s could be in it and I could be the leader so I made ID cards for all of us hoping that it would catch on and that people would ask to be a part of our club.

And though I’ve learned a lot and come a long way from being a dorky dork, I’m pretty sure that in 10 years, I’ll be looking back at:

Annoying things that 20-somethings do

1. We say stuff like, “OMG you’re only 19???? You’re SUCH a baby!” Just so we’re all clear, I was 19 years old two years ago. We were ALL 19 years old two years ago.


2. We say stuff like, “When I was a teenager, I did NOT do all the crazy stuff these kids are doing these days.” Uh yes, we did. We did it without technology, which makes us creative.


3. We write statuses like, “I miss the 90’s when I used to ride my bike to the park and play until it was dark out. #nostalgia”. We can still ride our bikes to the park, it’s just that 90% of us are too lazy to do so now that we’re in our twenties. Most of us have a driver’s license or don’t even live next to a park.


4. We brunch. I love brunch because I’m 21, I love the idea of eating everything in my fridge at once. Instead of cooking three times a day, I get to cook once a day at 11am and order pizza for dinner later.


5. We go clubbing and scowl at the younger kids. “WTF are they doing here? Aren’t they like 17? WHY are all these kids here?! Shouldn’t they be in school?” When we were 17, we were crashing every club that wouldn’t ID us. When we were 17, we didn’t bother anyone older. We got drunk amongst our group of drunk teenage friends.


6. We complain about our job/university giving us too much work. Three years ago, we were looking forward to this. We reap and we sow. We get what we asked for. We make our cake and we eat it. (What??)


7. We roll our eyes at other 20-somethings who are getting married and having babies though secretly we wonder if we’ll ever grow up and have our turn.


8. We hate on Justin Bieber, One Direction, Taylor Swift, etc. But when we were preteens, weren’t we obsessing over NSYNC, Stacie Orrico, S Club 7, etc.?


9. We force our non-party animal friends to party with us because we know that in a few years, we’ll be too busy with spouses/children/careers/the economy to get wasted.


10. We don’t know how to dress. Wearing a backwards snapback is too rebellious. Wearing a suit and tie is too grown up-ish. Wearing an old hoodie and jeans makes us look too college student-ish. Everything’s wrong because kids these days all look like this:


We are just a confused group of people waiting to grow up.


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