What I Wore This Week: OOTD to OOTN

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

This week, I’m doing something a little different, inspired by Instagram. I usually find fashion inspiration on Pinterest (because it’s just the best) but recently, I’ve noticed a different hashtag on Instagram: #OOTN which means Outfit of the Night. (Its equivalent for daytime, as most people know is #OOTD which stands for Outfit of the Day.)

You know those days when you literally have fifteen minutes to get home from work/school/shopping/life, change and head to the club? This happens to me often because I’m such a busy body. In cases like those, the easiest way to style your outfit for that night, is to copy the similar style you wore during the day.

Here’s how I style OOTD’s and turn them into OOTN’s:


Event/Occasion: University (OOTD) and Classy Night Club (OOTN)
Lipstick: Sephora R02 Courtisane in dark red (OOTD) and Lasting Finish Matte #112 by Kate Moss (OOTN)

Outfit of the Day


It was a beautiful sunny day, the sky was blue and the birds were chirping (I think). So I rummaged through my summer clothes and decided to wear a loose cropped white t-shirt from H&M and a black high-waisted bodycon skirt from New Look. To finish off the casual sporty look, I wore my white Nike Air Force 1 sneakers (guys, they’re so comfortable!).

Right after classes, I had barely any time to change before I had to head to my friend Sarah’s place to have drinks and go clubbing. The venue was a new club called the Hype, and the dress code was ‘classy’. Normally, I would have just gone clubbing in sneakers, because c’mon guys, who can dance in stilettos, let alone walk?

Outfit of the Night


I had no time to style a new outfit, so I had to think of something similar to wear that same night. This is very useful, when you’re me and you take 3 hours to choose your outfit every single day. The key to transitioning an OOTD to an OOTN is to keep it simple, and concentrate on the accessories.

Minus the accessories, the entire outfit was borrowed from my friend Sarah. We opted for the same t-shirt/skirt outfit but in a more formal and fitted style. I decided to wear a black cropped t-shirt from Brandy Melville, to contrast with the white t-shirt I had worn during the day. Useful tip: when transitioning from your OOTD to OOTN, if you choose the same style, switch up the colors so you won’t feel boring. I did the same with the skirt, by choosing a longer knee-length grey high-waisted pencil skirt from American Apparel (contrasting with the black mini skirt from my OOTD).

Accessories are very important in an OOTN, especially if you’re going for a simple classy outfit. I decided to wear a gold bracelet (it looks like two bracelets, so double the coolness) from H&M. To add to the classiness of the outfit, I wore a pair of dangling silver and blue earrings from Village Market, a really cool vintage store here in Lyon. Finally, instead of my white sneakers from my OOTD, I wore my just-as-comfortable black wedges I’ve been obsessed with since Christmas (thanks Mom!) from Go Jane.

And so from sporty casual student to classy inspired clubber, I transformed my OOTD to an OOTN in less than 5 minutes!

To get my OOTD look, check these out:

White T-shirt: $9.95 at H&M
Pencil Skirt: $8.85 or €7.99 at Forever 21
Sneakers: $180.00 at Nike

To get my OOTN look, check these out:

Black Crop-Top: $12.00 at Asos
Grey Pencil Skirt: $14.00 at American Apparel
Wedge Heels: $36.20 at GoJane
Gold Bracelet: $5.95 at H&M
Earrings: $23.00 at Asos

Stay tuned for new outfits featured in What I Wore This Week by checking the Fashion section on my blog weekly :)


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