Welcome to… Garde Robe!


Garde-robe (ɡaʀdəʀɔb): French feminine noun for “a collection of clothes”

What if I told you that the world is a wardrobe, just like Narnia? When you look at people going about their daily lives, what’s the first thing you see? Their clothes, a collection of garments they put together intentionally or not. Think further, and imagine how they decided what they were going to wear that morning.

Did they choose the outfit the night before? Did they match one pattern purposely with another? Did they opt for heels instead of sneakers? Did they decide that blue was the new black for spring time? The whole world is our wardrobe and I’m here to prove it to you with Garde Robe: a brand new fashion project featuring multicultural street styles, contemporary trends and creative bloggers in Europe.

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