Meet the talent behind Little. S

When I first heard about Sandrine Beaud and her beautiful clothing line, I was expecting to meet a young woman in her late 20’s. To be honest, I was pretty nervous yet excited to meet the woman behind the hand-made bohemian-meets-elegant outfits I saw on her Facebook page and blog. To my surprise, Sandrine alias Little. S is a 19 year old university student with an incredible gift for designing and sewing with four years of experience under her belt.

© French Allure

The first thing that I noticed was Sandrine’s bright smile when she talked about her creations. Then again, if I knew how to sew entire outfits made from cloths and curtains bought in second-hand shops, I’d be just as proud. I followed Sandrine into a backstage area where her outfits were neatly hanging so I could see them up close. This entire outfit was made out of curtains:

©GONES Photographie

Sandrine started sewing and designing when she was about 15 years old. When her cousin nicknamed her ‘Little. S’ after Little J (Gossip Girl), the name stuck with her and became a popular word on her 18K followers’ news feeds. Little. S wasn’t always this notorious: she created her first piece in her grandmother’s kitchen when she was in middle school, and quickly learned how to use a sewing machine. Soon after, she moved her workshop to her own place and started her blog.

© GONES Photographies
© GONES Photographies

Hers parents brought her to second-hand fabric shops where she would buy recycled curtains and cloths to use. “It’s so much cheaper,” she told me, “and on top of that, I get to give an old piece of cloth a new life.”

© French Allure

People started to notice Little. S more and more because at the time, it was uncommon for a 16 year old to design and make her ow clothes. However, she doesn’t wear her own designs because Little. S is a completely different person from Sandrine. Little. S has a more elegant, chic attire with a pinch of craziness whereas Sandrine likes to dress simply and doesn’t like to draw attention to herself.

© French Allure
© French Allure

Her greatest inspirations are Alexander McQueen, nature and many fashion bloggers (particularly Color Me Nana and Rumy Neely). Sandrine’s designs are mostly oriented towards young women her age. “Women my age are more daring and are able to pull off a flowy, sexy outfit”, she explained.

© GONES Photographies

However, for Sandrine, the hardest part in designing Little. S’s outfits is trying to recreate a design that she drew. The most important part is doing what she loves. “I don’t want to be surrounded by snobs in the fashion industry, I’m here to enjoy doing what I do.” In the next couple of months, we’re finally going to see Little. S’ brand name and the start of her fashion line. She plans to finish her Information & Communications studies and then study fashion to develop her skills. To follow Little. S and keep up with her new creations, you can like her Facebook page, follow her on Twitter and follow her blog:

fbLittle S.
twitter @leblogdelittles
internetLittle.S’ blog


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