WIWTW: BBQ Inspiration

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

This week’s outfit is inspired by an Instagram picture I came across when I was looking for ideas for my last post (7 types of outfits you need this summer) I thought that this was the perfect outfit for a barbeque so I tried my own version!


I too, wish that I didn’t have my phone sticking out of my pocket like that, but I guess it’s now a part of the outfit.

Event/Occasion: BBQ with friends
Lipstick: Sephora R02 Courtisane in dark red

This outfit is genius for a barbeque: breezy button-up shirt to keep cool during the day & sleeves when the sun goes down, cut-off denim shorts to keep it casual and sunglasses for shade & more coolness.

I shall call this outfit ‘Dubai’, because it reminds me so much of shopping at Mall of the Emirates. I live in Lyon now, and for the moment, Forever 21 is unfortunately M.I.A here. When I go to Dubai, I usually head to Forever 21 to get cheap yet trendy basics like this cream-colored shirt Safiya bought me for Christmas. I love this particular shirt because it has a grandad collar and its gold buttons are the perfect finish.

I tucked this classy shirt in a pair of slighty ripped Forever 21 denim shorts that I got from Safiya’s BFF Alyssa. I love the ripped detail and cuffs because it gives an edgy vibe to the rest of the outfit. This is what dresses down the shirt for a barbeque.

To complete the look, I focused on gold accessories like my gold cuff bracelet from H&M, gold & black sandals from Aldo and a pair of gold/brown Ray-Ban sunglasses. I then flipped my hair to the side, added my faux septum piercing (yes, it’s fake, never would I ever have the guts to pierce my precious nose) and arrived late to the barbeque.

DSC_0063 (2)

To get my look, check these out:

Sunglasses: $280.00 at Ray-Ban
Shirt: $14.90 at Forever 21
Shorts: $34.90 at Forever 21
Sandals: $50.00 at Aldo
Bracelet: $18.00 at Asos
Faux Septum: $10.50 at Asos

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