Meet Maya Amoah: Traveler & Creator of Nebula Artwear

People say that you can’t make real friends online, let alone on social media. I normally agree 100% because we all know how weird people can be (like that random person that keeps adding you from that random country you never heard of). Even though parents always say “don’t talk to strangers”, I did and it was awesome.

Maya Amoah, creator of Nebula Artwear, blogger and world traveler contacted me via Instagram last week by searching #lyon. She asked me if I was interested in doing a collaboration with her, I agreed, and I’m so happy that I did!

This is me wearing some of Maya’s designs:

Nebula Artwear is a clothing line infusing street wear with an artistic edge. Maya explained to me that she loves anything to do with stars, the moon and the sky and can stare at it for hours. She’s been traveling for 4 months now and has visited 16 countries so far which is insane for a nineteen year old! She started in the UK and then made her way around Europe: Scotland, Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France and Spain. In Maya’s words, “she somehow magically finds positive energy wherever she goes” and has even made new friends for life. Everything has been very spontaneous because the only thing she plans is which city she goes to next and lives on a very cheap budget to help her money last longer.

“These are experiences that can’t be taught in the lecture halls. I have learned the value of perspective from the many people I have met,” Maya explained to me. “Culture is so important. Tomorrow is never so promised so I decided to continue to embrace the moment I’m in and follow my ambitions. Right now they include working on my clothing line, writing for my blog and magazines as well as finding a job on the side to make more money for travel. And to laugh more. And to learn a new language. And to just continue to live. I have so many ideas inside of me and I’m really excited for what magic life brings next. The universe has good things in store and I feel very blessed of what it has brought thus far.”

Maya then proceeded to tell me that these pants are currently her favorite piece in her wardrobe. “I bought them in Thessaloniki, Greece and it was love at first sight. The myriad of prints sewn together is beautiful and a perfect center piece when wearing a neutral colored shirt or tank top,” Maya told me.

“Because I’ve been backpacking, I’ve been going through a bohemian phase which is just what happens when your wardrobe is your backpack and you have to get crafty! I found the crochet shirt I’m wearing in the picture at a thrift store, like most of my clothes. I’ve only recently discovered how good white looks on dark skin. Also, it’s the perfect top for these wild pants. The denim jacket was my mom’s, but I took it from her closet a while ago. It’s just a classic, no other words needed.”

Isn’t she just adorable?! Maya has such a bubbly personality and so much talent (and insane ambition for traveling alone at 19!) so I’ve already decided we’re buds for life.

Like what you see? Check out Maya’s clothing line Nebula Artwear as well as her travel-with-a-little-fashion-and-passion blog: Denim & Dancing. Also, make sure to follow her on Social Media for updates on her travels and clothing line!

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