WIWTW: Street & Chic + DIY Tutorial on Ripped Jeans

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

This week was SO cold, I had to buy a winter coat and it’s only the beginning of fall. How does this even happen? Why call it fall, when it’s actually winter? Why are there only 2 seasons in Lyon and why am I always too broke to do anything about it when it happens? On another note, keep reading for a DIY on how to rip your jeans at the knee and not look like poor!


Event/Occasion: Street & Chic photoshoot
Lipstick: “Diva” a.k.a the BEST LIPSTICK EVER by MAC

My burgundy hair is gone (and will make its comeback sometime this fall/treacherous winter) but I have become quite fond of the whole minimalist, monochrome fashion trend. Wearing black, grey and white is just so much easier than having to assemble colors. Plus, it’s classy and I can wear whatever hairstyle/hair color/make-up with it.

My essential rule to minimal attire is to wear three classic colors at the most. According to the event I’m attending, mood or whatever’s available to me, when it comes to minimal fashion, I like to combine colors, styles and patterns in such a way that only ONE of them will stand out the most. In this case, I chose a ripped pair of grey jeans from Forever 21 (see DIY further down this post). These jeans are obviously the only “street” part of my outfit, which is okay, because when I mix two styles, I like to have a 70/30 ratio. (70% of my outfit is chic, and 30% is street.)

I decided to pair the ripped jeans with a simple black turtleneck from New Look. Even though it’s a thin/stretchy fabric, it really keeps me warm so I didn’t have to wear a scarf. Luckily, I found a way out of Lyon’s finnicky weather by purchasing this beautiful black coat at H&M last week, that will keep me warm all winter.

Finally, I wore this pair of black patent synthetic heels from Aldo which contrasted perfectly with the ripped jeans and enhanced the chic part of my entire outfit.


To get my look, check these out:

Coat: $99.00 at H&M
Turtleneck: $22.00 at Asos
Jeans: $24.90 at Forever 21
Heels: $90.00 at Aldo

DIY Tutorial: Ripped-at-the-knee Jeans

If you’re just as confused as I am as to why ripped jeans are more expensive than normal jeans, than this post is for you. Why pay $5 extra for a rip in your jeans when you can do it yourself? That’s why I did a tutorial on snapchat last week, based off one I found on Pinterest by StyleCaster.

You’ll need:

-A pair of scissors or a Stanley knife (you know that thing you cut cardboard with)
-Jeans (cheap jeans are the easiest to rip)
-Piece of cardboard about the size of your pant leg

What to do:

1) Try on jeans and mark where your knees are.

2) Place cardboard in one of the jeans’ legs (to protect the back from getting ripped).

3) Start cutting with the Stanley knife from the right. Measure about 3 cm from the outer seam and start ripping. Leave 3cm on the left. Don’t be stupid like me, and make sure you use the sharpest part of the knife in order to make a clean cut. I know the whole knife is sharp but generally one part of the knife is sharper than the other. To find out which part’s sharpest, without harming yourself intentionally, try cutting on the piece of cardboard without the jeans.

4) Repeat Step 3 for the other leg (optional).

5) Using your fingers, pull out the strands of thread from the rip so it looks more natural.

6) Try on the jeans again and using your fingers, pull the rip on the sides (where you left the 3cm) so the hole stretches. (Keep in mind that they will stretch once you’ve worn them a couple of times.)

7) Wear them, and send me a picture on instagram (@zahralouisejulie) or snapchat (@zahraljmusic) so I can see how they turned out!

Sans titre

Interested in more live DIY, hair, make-up, fashion tutorials? Add me on Snapchat!

Sans titre

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7 thoughts on “WIWTW: Street & Chic + DIY Tutorial on Ripped Jeans

  1. Great post! Although my wonderful Grandma’s been dead for 20+ years, EVERY time I think about buying a pair of ripped jeans, I can hear her voice say, “Why spend money for something destroyed?!?” I think I’m going to try your DIY tutorial so that I can rock ripped jeans without the guilt from beyond the grave! LOL

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