This time last year…


This time last year… I had just left my family in Dubai. A few days before, I had my heart broken. And here I was feeling sorry for myself staring at an open suitcase in front of me. I had filled it with things that were once precious to me. I wanted to forget everything inside of it and it worked – I can barely remember what they were.

Fast forward 365 days later. I just got back from dropping my sister off at the airport. We had an amazing vacation in Lyon and got to spend 18 days with each other. We spent Christmas with my boyfriend and his family. I spent New Years with my best friends, a night I’ll remember for a long time.

2015 was an incredible journey for me. I went to Las Vegas with my dad. I got my first tattoo. I started dating the most intriguing man I’ve ever met. I got to work for a fashion magazine. Sidney and I started a fashion blog, Garde Robe together. I turned Breakfast with the Beatles into a fashion blog as well. We went to the French Riviera (including Monaco and Ventimiglia) for a week. I made some great friends, forever-friends.

It all went by so fast, and though there were a lot of ups-and-downs, here I am, happy. I’m so happy with the life that I’m living, because this is exactly where I wanted to be a year ago.

My 2016 resolution is this: Adventure.



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