WIWTW: Over-sized Denim & Heels

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

Last Friday I attended a really cool garage sale at Le Sucre hosted by famous French fashion bloggers MarieandMoodSpirit By CParis GrenobleModeusement VotreEly Gyspet,
Heels on Gasonline and Le Lion dans la Penderie. I got to meet all of them which was pretty cool, and I had an excuse to wear my blue heels again!


Event/Occasion: Bloggers’ Garage Sale
Lipstick: “Diva” by MAC

I got this really cool jacket from American Apparel in size XL because over-sized denim adds edge to chic outfits. It’s also perfect for early spring weather, you know when the wind is bipolar and you have no idea if you should wear a wool coat or a cotton tank top and you’re just like can you decide what you want why are you such a brat.

Then I decided to wear all black underneath so the denim blue colors could really stand out. I wore a black tank top from Forever 21 and a black pair of jeggings from Primark.



As for accessories, I chose this huge black hat from Nasty Gal and my geometric blue & black heels from Zara also known as bae. The blue heels went perfectly with the denim, making this outfit’s color palette just incredibly satisfying. Plus, it goes perfectly with the river in the background!

Want my look? Check these out!

Denim Jacket: $125.00 at American Apparel
Tank top: $1.90 at Forever 21
Jeggings: £9.00 or $12.95 at Primark 
Heels: $69.90 at Zara
Hat: $69.00 at Nasty Gal

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