Younique 3D Mascara & Lip Stain Review + Make-Up Party!!!


Hey guys! I’ve recently been introduced to the make-up brand Younique by my friend Aïcha, a.k.a BardeyliciousHere’s Younique’s legit statement about their brand:

“Younique’s mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.”

Yaaasss what more do we need?


So Bardeylicious gave me Younique’s 3D Fiber Mascara and “Sleek” Lip Stain that I got to try on and review for you guys! But before I go ahead, I’d like to invite you to my very first After Work Make-Up Party that I’m hosting with Bardeylicious this Friday, May 13th! If you’re in Lyon, please stop by and try on a variety of Younique products (mascara, foundation, lip stains…) and eat some yummy baked goods (because honestly what’s a party without food and pink lemonade). You’ll be able to pre-order make-up at the event, and there’s going to be a giveaway! Who knows, maybe you’ll win Younique’s 3D Fiber Mascara and “Sleek” Lip Stain !

Make sure you RSVP to our event!

Younique 3D Mascara

13177708_10208934704781527_5620033045678700738_n (1)

I’ve always had thin and short eyelashes so I’ve been looking for new mascaras to try on. This one, by FAR is the best one I’ve tried: it’s long-lasting, it makes my eyelashes look naturally long and thickens each eyelash with fiber. This fiber looks like cotton until you add a second coat of mascara gel. And then the magic begins:

This is me, without mascara.



And after three steps:
1. A coat of Younique 3D Mascara Gel
2. A coat of Younique 3D Mascara Fiber
3. A second coat of Younique 3D Mascara Gel


The trick is to do each set of eyelashes separately. Start with your right eye: add a first coat of mascara gel, then the mascara fiber, and then a second coat of mascara gel. While your right eye dries, repeat these steps for the left eye.

Younique “Sleek” Lip Stain


I think I have more than 30 types and shades of lipstick in my make-up drawer. I love lipstick so when Bardeylicious gave me Younique’s Lip Stain in “Sleek”, I was excited to try it on. This one is a burgundy-reddish color, and you can choose the amount of pigment you want because it’s like ink.

This is me, with a first coat of Lip Stain.


And then I added about three more layers, because I like my lipstick dark and pigmented.


This lip stain is paraben-free, waterproof, long-lasting and kiss-proof. I didn’t add that last part, Younique really claims that it’s kiss-proof. Try it on your hand (or like normal people, just drink from a glass) to see if your lip “stains”. Funny how it’s called “lip stain” but doesn’t actually stain anything at all.


If you loved these looks, check out the rest of Younique’s products on their website. Make sure you order through my friend Bardeylicious, tell her I sent you! And hope to see you on Friday for our After Work Make-Up Party!


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