Partagez le Secret & Miwa: Beauty & Tasty Event

After a long week preparing for the AFROPUNK Festival in Paris last weekend, I had the chance to relax and pamper myself at an exclusive event: Beauty & Tasty by Partagez le Secret & Miwa.

beauty and tasty

I met Adé, the founder of Partagez le Secret at Bledardise‘s latest fashion show where he showcased his new collection Bledard is the New Cool. When she invited me to Diana (founder of Miwa) & her Beauty & Tasty event on June 5th, I was so excited to try out Lyon’s IT spot for bloggers and entrepeneurs. Adé sells beauty & hair care products and her business is entirely dedicated to making women feel liberated! Yes to feminism!


Diana (Miwa) & Adé (Partagez le Secret)

The whole concept is women’s paradise: there was a manicure & pedicure bar, a pop-up hair salon, an eyebrow threading bar, henna, finger foods and cocktails, a lingerie stand, a pop-up Brazilian shoe store, waxprint baby clothes by Miwa , natural hair products & spa treatment stand and a fun photobooth! ALL OF THAT, I kid you not, was only €39 – the price you’d pay for a blowout at a hair salon. DJ Astha from You are Unik, is a talented friend of mine who really knows how to start a party. The evening stayed lively as Astha went from Solange Knowles to Afrobeat by the poolside.


The Brazilian heels by Les Très Jolies Chaussures were to die for! Not only are they beautiful, they are also very affordable and comfortable (100% made out of leather). Aurélie, founder of Les Très Jolies Chaussures told me about how she came up with the idea: “After twelve years of working in the same firm, I wanted to change my entire life around and pursue my childhood dream of having my own business. I love high heels but many good-quality and luxurious shoes are too expensive for the average person. I decided to partner up with a trendy and glamourous Brazilian brand that makes comfortable, real leather and unique shoes. You’ll never find the same pair on someone else because they’re exclusively on my website: Les Très Jolies Chaussures.”


Another one of my favorite brands that I discovered at the event is Miwa BB. They make wax print baby clothes and accessories! They had wax print lining soft blankets, diaper cakes for baby showers and stylish bibs. HOW CUTE IS THIS.



And finally, I had the pleasure of meeting hairstylist Cutty’s Hair Design. She is so talented, and will style your hair (natural, curly, nappy, straight, wavy) for affordable prices. She also does hair for weddings and other special occasions! Check out her Facebook page here: Cutty’s Hair Design

I had a great time at this Beauty & Tasty event though it’s a shame the next one will be in October. If you are in Lyon, make sure you don’t miss it because you will have a blast getting your nails done, hair styled  and face treated! You’ll also have access to exclusive discounts and meet some really talented people. So head over to Partagez le Secret‘s website and Miwa’s Facebook page to stay updated!



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