Tips for World-Trippers & Wanderlust

Hey guys! So as you’ve probably seen in my last two WIWTW posts and on Snapchat, I’ve traveled quite a bit this summer. I’ve always loved to travel, it’s in my blood. Everyone in my family likes to travel, especially my dad. He’s been to so many countries, you’d say he’s a citizen of the world. Side note: my dad is the most interesting person you’ll ever meet. He’s a living encyclopaedia for travels.

Before I go ahead and give you tips for traveling to Dubaithe Maldives and Milan in the next post, here’s a checklist of things that I find VERY useful to pack when I’m traveling.

Carry-on Bag / Week-end Bag Checklist


-Passport & boarding ticket
-Wallet & keys
-Phone & phone charger
-Laptop & laptop charger
-Face & body cream (less than 100ml)
-Breath mints or gum
-Small toothbrush & toothpaste (less than 100ml)
-Small deodorant (less than 100ml)
-Basic make-up
-Sample of your favorite perfume (100 ml)
-Fragile technology like cameras & iPads
-Extra underwear
-Sweater or light jacket
-Fragile things like cameras, sunglasses & iPads

-Neck pillow
-Hair brush & hair ties
-Change of comfortable clothes
-Plastic bag for dirty laundry

Suitcase Checklist


-Everything else you need to bring including clothes, shoes, underwear & a toiletry bag.
-Small first-aid kit
-Leave a quarter of your suitcase empty for souvenirs.


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