WIWTW: End of Summer outfit with a bandeau and trousers

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

After spending the weekend in Annecy with my BFF’s I came back to Lyon and it was 35°C. This is called a canicule in French, when the Sun reminds you about global warming. When you’re transitioning from Summer to Fall your wardrobe can sometimes get a little stale. So you venture out to buy last minute summer clothes, but to your shock: the sales have ended, so the summer collection is gone. You’re left with sweaters and sparkly NYE dresses. What do you do?


You find this season’s Autumn color palette and you are bound to find t-shirts, formal tops and slinky dresses. Designers have a trick I’ve noticed: they tend to keep the summer trends that worked the most by adding Autumn colors (like rusty brown, mustard yellow, red, camel and khaki) to their Fall collection. That way, people will still buy “summer clothes” that are suitable for September.

End of Summer_0005.jpg

Event: Good-bye Party

Version 2

Friday was the type of the hot day you’d spend in your lightest undergarments in front of the fan. Except that I had to go to a friend’s good-bye party and I didn’t know what to wear, until I found this rust-colored bandeau from Pull & Bear. It’s made of light cotton material and its color is perfect for the warm pre-autumn days.

I paired this top with my comfy white trousers from Zara. They really dressed-up the bandeau, turning this into the perfect summer party outfit. Keeping the same autumn palette, I chose my beige sandal heels from Just Fab.

End of Summer_0058

And this handmade African-print bag that my mother gave me.

End of Summer_0057

End of Summer_0050

Want my look? Check these out!

Bandeau: $12.99 at Pull & Bear
Trousers: $49.90 at Zara
Bag: $44.73 or €39.95 at Etsy
Heels: $59.95 at Just Fab
Lipstick: $8.99 at Milani Cosmetics

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