WIWTW: Distressed Jeans + Autumn Kimono

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

It’s not even Autumn yet and it’s already cold again. I wished so hard for it to stay sunny indefinitely, but like every year, I was disappointed. It suddenly went from being too hot to stay outside to being too cold to be out of my bed.


Event: Late lunch & Shopping

I’ve always found it tricky to dress up distressed jeans during summer time, so I had been holding out on wearing these ripped jeans from Stradivarius until it got cooler. Now, before I get into how I styled them, here’s why ripped jeans are a thing now:

-They’re so EDGY. If distressed jeans were a person, they’d be that one moody sarcastic kid you saw around in high school. They’re fashion’s way of saying: so what if I’m ripped, I’m still a pair of pants, and I’m awesome AF.

-They can be SEXY. They really can, if the rips are in the right places (above the knees, for example), your distressed jeans will make heads turn.

-They can DRESS DOWN your look. If you’re wearing a chic shirt with a pair of heels, but you’re heading to class or an evening out with the girls, ripped jeans are the perfect fit.

For this outfit, I chose to wear a pair of blush-pink espadrille flats so my shoes wouldn’t take away the attention from the other vibrant colors.


Then I chose this grey turtleneck from H&M and paired it with my new favorite drape-cape-thingy-majiggy (what is this even called, it’s not a poncho or a cardigan?) that I got from H&M as well. I’m going to call it a cape. I LOVE capes like this because they can be worn on hot days (with a tank top and shorts) or chilly days (with long sleeves and pants). I especially love the Autumn colors, they’re so vibrant and perfect for this season. I’ll be wearing this cape with black, white, brown, grey, khaki and mustard colored clothes.


And y’all already know about my cute black pouch from Zara, it’s half faux leather and half faux suede.



Want my look? Check these out!

Mock turtleneck: $29.99 at H&M
Jeans: $57.00 at Asos
Cape: $34.99 at H&M
Shoes: $33.00 at Asos
Pouch: $59.90 at Zara
Lipstick: $17.00 at MAC Cosmetics

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