WIWTW: Teacher’s OOTD with a twist of color

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

As most of you may know by now, I started my teaching career a month ago. I am now a Middle School teacher, and it’s been such an amazing experience that I’m so grateful to be a part of. I get to teach kids things that they’ll remember their whole lives. What better job can I ask for?

But before I show you What I Wore This Week as a teacher, I’d like to thank my mother, my beautiful mother, for inspiring me to become the person I’ve always dreamed of being since I learned to read. Thank you Mommy for teaching me how to read, for teaching me Math, for helping us with homework every afternoon, for teaching me how to teach and how to love education. Thank you for helping other children become the best that they can be, through Vocabathon, through your volunteer work, through Sunday school, through business classes, English classes, typing classes that you’ve taught since you were my age. Thank you for giving me such a good example and for encouraging me to achieve what I want in life. Thank you and I love you forever.


Event: being a Teacher


Guys I love culottes and I love Zara. So when I found this cute pair of trousers at Zara, I didn’t even try them on, I paid €19.95 and declared they were mine. The colors give me life: the trendy orange-yellow-white-black stripes remind me of October. I just love how these statement pants flatter my skinny legs because they give me more volume.


I got the turtleneck from Zara as well of course, and the heels (because I’m obsessed with a brand which people think I’m named after). These shoes match the colors of my culotte perfectly and I didn’t even buy them at the same time!

Also, stripes were really in these past F/W fashion weeks in NY and London, so I was excited to give them a try. I especially love the white and grey stripes detail on the turtleneck sleeves, which I cuffed for a little edge.


Can we talk about this bag? This beautiful colorful statement bag that I found at New Look in Dubai? This was literally a one-time deal because I never saw this bag again. I knew I had to get it the second I saw it, and I’m glad I did because fast forward three months and I’ve got the matching pants!


And yes guys, this is my real hair. This is not a joke. This is not a 70’s peace-and-love wig. This is my natural hair and it’s cute/scary/amazing how much I look like my mother when she was in her 20’s.


Want my look? Check these out!

Turtleneck $29.90 at Zara
Culotte: $29.90 at Zara
Heels: $59.90 at Zara
Bag: £29.99 or $38.90 at New Look
Lipstick: Precision Lip Pencil #304 (Mauve) at Kiko Milano – unavailable

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18 thoughts on “WIWTW: Teacher’s OOTD with a twist of color

  1. Absolutely beautiful! The model is gorgeous and the combination and coordination of the outfit is very original and matching to perfection! Keep up the good work! Félicitations et encouragements!

  2. Very fabulous. I love everything about zara brands .you rock girl .a perfect match. I guess ur students love’s ur lecture. …Stay focus..

  3. I love your blog! I’ve seen some of your posts and your outfits are fabulous! Would be nice if you can visit my page as well for more fashion ideas theycallmekri.wordpress.com :) Have a good day :)

  4. Beautiful ensemble! You look very elegant. And thank you for this lovely tribute. Truly, I am most appreciative and honored that I was instrumental in guiding you toward this rewarding career. Education is the key to limitless skies!

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