WIWTW: Winter Stripes

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

A month has gone by and I no longer wear t-shirts under my coat without a sweater on top, like a naive little girl. Now I’ve realized it’s cold, and after two weeks of being sick, I went out to buy a warm sweater or three.


Event: It was really cold

I think that the most important part of your winter wardrobe should be your outer clothes (as in your coat, scarf, gloves, etc) because the key to staying warm and stylish is fashionable layering.


Between Autumn and Winter, there are really good sales on pieces that are usually expensive, like coats and sweaters. I found this boyfriend coat at Promod, a chic French clothing store. It’s actually navy but depending on what I pair it with, it can look dark grey or even black. I got this one 50% off because it was on sale!


Stripes are back this season, so I decided to get a minimal “statement” scarf at New Look. Because it’s black and grey, it goes with everything and it’s the size of a small blanket so it’s very warm. I got 10% off with my student card!


Unfortunately you can’t really see, but I’m wearing faux leather pants from Zara, that I’ve been dying to show you in a WIWTW. They are comfortable, high-waisted and instantly turn any outfit classy!


And then I got this comfortable (feels like cashmere) camel sweater from Zara, along with three other cheap-priced sweaters. I chose to wear this camel coloured sweater to lighten up my winter outfit and compliment my brown lipstick from New Look (10% off with student discount).


And I love these Zara sock boots! Kanye West’s Yeezy collection made sock boots popular this season. I especially adore this trend because I have very thin ankles that usually float around in regular boots. Sock boots are designed to be tight around your ankles, making your legs look thinner and longer. I also got this faux leather bag from Zara to match my shoes.



Want my look? Check these out!

Boyfriend Coat: €99.95 or $104.07 at Promod
Sweater: $39.90 at Zara
Pants: $29.90 at Zara
Bag: $49.90 at Zara
Boots: $49.90 at Zara
Scarf: £6.49 or $8.05 at New Look
“Mocha” Brown Matte Lipstick: £5.99 or $7.43 by New Look

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