WIWTW: Styling a vintage trench coat with a statement purse

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

Last week, I went thrift-shopping with Sidney and we bought about 10 pieces: coats, blazers (including a Marks & Spencers blazer with shoulder pads!), and dainty silk shirts – FOR ONLY 30 EUROS IN TOTAL. If you do the math, this means that we paid about 3 euros per coat. This beautiful trench is one of them, and I decided to wear it to our Garde Robe interview with NinkiMag. (I’ll tell you more about that once the video is out, but we got interviewed by a streetwear magazine based in Lyon last Sunday!)


Event: Garde Robe’s interview for NinkiMag


This trench, you guys, is just one of the best things I’ve ever bought and worn. I’ve always wanted a Burberry trench (this one is by Claude Havrey) because of their elegance and length, but they were always so expensive. This one, I found in a vintage shop in Lyon called Emmaus, for only THREE EUROS!!!! I decided to work my entire outfit around this trench, because I wanted to be 100% classy.


Chokers have been really in this season and I love how this gold one from Pretty Little Thing adds metallic sophistication to my black turtleneck from Zara.


And then there’s my favorite bag from New Look that I got this summer in Dubai. Its citrus-themed color block design is perfect when you want a statement bag to upgrade your look ! Plus it’s big enough to put just about anything from your computer to your heels inside. (Yes, this is an important factor for me because when I go out in cute but torturous heels, I like to keep a pair of sneakers in my purse just in case. I don’t believe in suffering to be beautiful. How are you attractive when your face is clearly wincing with pain?)

I don’t know who I think I am but I am totally flipping my hair in this picture.


Finally I wanted the entire focus to be on my trench, bag and choker, so I wore black dress pants from Zara, and my favorite black booties from Zara. 



And in case you were wondering who did my hair, I met an amazing hairdresser called Anaelle who does beautiful box braids (and a lot of other hairstyles) for very cheap prices. She was so professional and braided my hair in 4 hours (though it usually takes 7). So if you’re in Lyon and you need your hair done, comment below and I’ll give you Anaelle’s contact information!


Want my look? Check these out!

Trench coat: $91.00 at Asos
Choker: £6.00 at Pretty Little Thing
Turtleneck: $29.90 at Zara
Pants: $39.90 at Zara
Boots: $49.90 at Zara
Bag: £27.99 at New Look
Lipstick: $6.00 at Colourpop

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