I was the stylist for the UMWALI SS18 Fashion Show! // WIWTW

As I told you in previous posts, I’ve been busy with a lot of collaborations and projects for the past month. By far, this is my favorite one, because I made one of my dreams come true.

A few months ago, Nina Marlyn, one of my favorite fashion designers in Lyon, asked me to be the stylist for her upcoming fashion show at the Rwandan Cultural event, May 20th.  I was so excited and I had no idea if I would be able to do it, because this was the first time that I’d be styling models for a fashion show. If you don’t know what that means, basically I got to dress each model and style their outfits (from head to toe) using Nina’s UMWALI pieces from her new collection Umurage. There was a lot to do, there were 13 models (and even an 8 year old Naomi Campbell) but it was an incredible experience !

Make-Up: Sofia Endambela
Hair: Cutty’s Hair Design
Photography: Ph-A Paris



To promote the fashion show, we did a photoshoot with Nina’s favorite pieces from her new UMURAGE collection.

Models: Aïcha Bardey, Ariana Wate, Zahra Louise-Julie
Make-Up: Sofia Endambela
Photography: Tatiana Vergnaud


And at the end of the fashion show, Nina gave me this gorgeous dress from her new collection UMURAGE.  


Event: UMWALI SS18 Fashion Show


Yes, these gorgeous heels from Zara are back again, and they go with everything, so there’s another excuse to wear them ! Also, I was able to keep them on all night, so bonus points for comfort!



This simple wax print detail is what makes this minimalist dress so unique. It’s just a peak, but it’s just enough to remind you of UMWALI‘s Rwandan heritage.

And as for the lip cuff… it’s a fake piercing of course ! I decided to trend this cute new summer trend for the fun of the outfit. I got mine in sterling silver for €2.50 at a local jewellery store. I bought another one that doubles as a fake septum piercing :)



Want my look? Check these out!

Dress: €65.00 by Umwali
Heels: $39.99 at Zara
Lipstick: $6.00 – “Tulle” at Colourpop

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