Zahra Louise-Julie for OHEMAA

My friends Yannaty Kouyate & Murielle Nouatin created a new e-shop OHEMAA that sells African wax print clothes. OHEMAA‘s purpose is to promote fashion trends from different parts of Africa by selecting modern pieces by modern fashion designers. Ohemaa in Twi (language spoken in Ghana) means Queen. Yannaty & Murielle chose this name because it represents their e-shop’s ideology: simplicity, grace, elegance and the beauty of modern women in its entirety.

Clothes: OHEMAA
Photography: Flora Gaillard-Renzi // Website
Models: Zahra Louise-Julie, Yannaty Kouyate, Maya Westwick, Defah Mockey, Raphaëlle Tanoh

HER_7725 2




HER_7633 2


HER_7472 2




Don’t you just love the bright colors and prints? Head over to their e-shop now to purchase a dress, jewelry or accessory for affordable prices (starting at €15!)


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