Under my Umbrella with Jamais le Mardi

Well.. I’m officially a certified middle and high school English teacher !  That’s what I had been working on this past year and I’m finally able to enjoy my summer vacation. One of my favorite magazines Jamais Le Mardi reached out to me for their bloggers’ edition and I am so proud to show you what we worked out !

So first of all… @cosmacome on Instagram drew a caricature of me for Jamais Le Mardi. What do you think?


Awesome right ?!

So for the collaboration, my favorite photographer Tatiana Vergnaud shot me in the rain, and the results were lovely. Check out the beautiful pictures and What I Wore for Jamais Le Mardi!

Event: Jamais le Mardi Bloggers’ Edition Photoshoot


This is my absolute favorite jumpsuit to wear because it never goes out of style, it’s elegant, and it was customized! You can’t really see it under the jacket but this used to be a halter neck jumpsuit I got from H&M for NYE’ 16. The problem was that (believe it or not) the neckline was too low, and I just had to do something about it. So the halter neck was switched to two straps to give my chest more support. Also, I hope you like the popping colors of my New Look handbag and Zara heels.


It was raining, so I had my clear umbrella by La Chaise Longue and wore this faux leather jacket from Zara. Initially, I wanted a real leather jacket but I finally settled for this one instead. Leather jackets are great for long-term wear, but for ethical reasons, I just don’t see myself splurging in a real leather jacket made from the suffering of animals. And yes I eat meat, but protein is necessary, leather isn’t. And before we begin debating if meat is necessary, I was a vegetarian for a long time but for health reasons I wasn’t able to continue a meatless diet. So anyway! I found this gorgeous piece of faux leather at Zara and it’s comfortable and it doesn’t even look fake.



I said it once, and I’ll say it again: if you have nothing to wear, wear a jumpsuit because it’s an entire outfit in one. Then tie a belt at your waist for an effortlessly chic look.


You can see the rest of the bloggers’ edition on Jamaislemardi.com !
©All photos by Tatiana Vergnaud

Want my look? Check these out!

Jumpsuit: $79.00 on Asos
$67.00 on Asos
Heels: $29.99 on Asos
Bag: $56.00 on Asos
$24.00 on Amazon
: $6.00 – “Mama” at Colourpop

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