Bleu, Blanc, Rouge

Hey guys! Welcome to another What I Wore This Week post, where I feature an outfit I wore during the week, the occasion and how I styled it.

Last Saturday night, I got to hang out with my sister Safiya and my beautiful friends in the city of Lyon. Since Safiya just moved to France, I’ve been showing her the ropes of how to do the French Apéro, which is a fancy way of saying pre-drinking. Except, we do it the French and sophisticated way: we have a glass of wine (rosé or sweet white wine if it’s summer, and red wine when it’s winter) accompanied by a variety of cheese and dry sausage.


Then we met with my talented friend Tatiana Vergnaud, who is also a photographer, and we had a cocktail each. After that, we met up with more friends at Ninkasi, a hot spot for delicious burgers and beer. After feeding ourselves, we finally got to the town center and had the most decadent pink milkshake cocktail at the L Bar. By pacing yourself on Saturday night, and making sure you’ve eaten, you won’t end up drunk by the end of the night, and even better, you won’t wake up with a hangover !

Event: Apéro & Bar-hopping with friends

IMG_3987 copie

This is one of my favorite tops to wear: I got it on sale at Zara (bae for life) and it’s a wrap-tie shirt. I love the elegance of having a bow hanging from the side of this shirt, and I especially like the off-the-shoulder look. I chose this blue-striped one because I felt like the blue would make a great contrast with my skin (there was baby pink, sky blue, navy blue and white).

IMG_3990 copie

I’ve had these white lace shorts from Stradivarius for three years, and they still haven’t gone out of style. Stradivarius is one of my favorite stores, but they closed down in Lyon unfortunately. These shorts are perfect for when it’s too hot to wear denim. They’re casual enough to wear during the day, and lacy enough to wear in the evening. These Nike huarache sneakers are the perfect balance to an otherwise formal outfit.

IMG_3989 copie

I love wearing color these days, so I got out my red leather purse that a Tuareg friend from Niger gave me. Just look how it matches my Colourpop lipstick ! And I don’t know if you recognize these gold earrings I got from Zaful for less than $4, but they are the minimalist touch to any outfit you can think of.

IMG_3991 copie (1)

IMG_3992 copie

And recognize these sunglasses from Rose Carbone ? I love to wear them on any occasion, and even though I wore them for about 30 minutes (the sun set soon after this photoshoot), I felt so glamourous. Can you tell ?

IMG_3988 copie

All pictures were taken by Tatiana Vergnaud (on instagram, @tana_vrgnd). Check out her gorgeous pictures, because she is SO talented.

Want my look? Check these out!

Shirt: $55.00 on Asos
Shorts: $27.00 on Asos
Sneakers – on sale now! : $89.97 at Nike
Purse – on sale now! : $95.00 on Asos
$3.61 on Zaful
$23.00 on Asos
Lipstick: $6.00 – “Creeper” at Colourpop

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