About BWTB

My name is Zahra as you’ve probably noticed and I have a huge love for the Beatles and Breakfast. Those two things are what I enjoy most in life yet they barely have anything to do with my blog.

About three years ago, someone told me not to write a blog – so I did. And ever since, I’ve written my heart out on WordPress. I write about complete nonsense that pops into my head usually, and it works for me because I get to express random thoughts I probably wouldn’t have said out loud. I also write about articles I’ve read, music I’ve listened to, and general ideas that come to my mind.

Up until January 2015, I’ve always known that I wanted to work with Fashion. I have been a fashion enthusiast from the time I was able to dress my dolls so it was only natural for me to start blogging about trends and street style.


After meeting influential people and discovering my own street style, I decided to do something about it and created What I Wore This Week.

I get really inspired by looking atΒ  fashion magazines or lookbooks, Pinterest, Instagram and WhoWhatWear because I like to see how people express themselves through fashion today. I’ve always wanted to inspire people through my street style which is why I started WIWTW.

When you live in a beautiful French city like Lyon, you’re bound to bump into creative, sophisticated and innovative trendsetters. I believe that people inspire each other through fashion everyday: let’s say you’re riding the bus to work and you come across someone wearing outfit you haven’t thought of wearing before. Well now you that you have, you’ll be inspired to wear a similar an outfit later.

Design #1 (1)
That’s why I founded Garde Robe with my boyfriend & partner Sidney Lafrontiere, afashion project featuring multicultural street styles, contemporary trends and creative bloggers in Europe.

In the meantime, stay tuned for new articles about Fashion, Music, Recipes and more on Breakfast with the Beatles!

Contact: contact@garderobeintl.com


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