Random Facts About Me

Hello all!

Since I started Breakfast with the Beatles 5 years ago, my blog’s content has changed so much so I thought I would finally update this page!

My name is Zahra L-J and I’m 24 years old. I am an Aries which means that I am loyal, passionate and I have a strong personality. When you meet me, you either love me or hate me, I don’t know why there’s no in between. Maybe it’s because I have #nochill. LOL I don’t care.

I am American with a French father and a British mother. I’ve lived in the USA, England, France, Burkina Faso and Dubai. And I currently live in the beautiful city of Lyon (France).

What I do: I’m the co-founder, fashion photographer and stylist for online street-style magazine Garde Robe that My boyfriend Sidney Lafrontiere and I co-founded. It’s an international street-style blog and I absolutely love it! I’m also an upper school English teacher!

Hobbies: I sing, I blog, I write music and Young Adult novels on my computer, I style, I shop, I Netflix, I cook meals (I like to try new exotic recipes every week), I take pictures, I read and I think I give pretty good advice.

Favorite Movies: Upside Down, Warm Bodies, Lotus Eaters, Pretty Woman, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, El Dorado, Juno, The Runaways, Les Gamins, La stratégie de la poussette, 20 ans d’écart, The Great Gatsby, Un prince presque charmant, A Few Best Men.

Favorite TV Shows: American Horror Story, Power, the L word, Broad City, Devious Maids, New Girl, Orange is the new Black, Gossip Girl, Community, Criminal Minds, Atlanta, Insecure, Being Mary Jane, Jane the Virgin, Stranger Things, the OA, Black Mirror, Fresh Meat, Skins UK, Being Mary Jane, True Blood, Pretty Little Liars, Orphan Black, Narcos, Easy, Sense 8, Sanford & Son, the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

Favorite Cartoons: Rick & Morty, The Power Puff Girls, Totally Spies, Looney Tunes, Archer, The Cleveland Show, Bill and Mandy’s Grim Adventures, Oggy et les Cafards, Dexter’s Laboratory, Adventure Time, Tom & Jerry

Favorite artists: I love the Beatles whole-heartedly and will never stop loving them. But I also love Queen Bey, Solange Knowles, Rihanna, Lion Babe, Katrynada, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, Abra, Princess Nokia, Iron & Wine, Alt-J, A$ap Rocky (in fact all of the A$ap Mob), Kings of Convenience, The Internet, Kanye West, Kid Cudi, Valerie June and everything in between.

My favorite song right now: Shape of You by Ed Sheeran

My favorite books: Poetry by Lang Leav, The Uglies series by Scott Westerfeld, One Night by Margaret Wild, glimmerglass by Jenna Black, Almost Home by Jessica Blank, books by Sarah Dessen.

Random fact: I paint my nails once a year.

Random Things I Like:  Baby monkeys, pink, bagels and Philly cheese, matryoshka dolls, sleeping, cereal, milk chocolate, orange juice, my parents’ cooking, nice chubby people, porcelain dolls, teddy bears, Beatles memorabilia, Victoria Secret, marshmallows, brunch, oreo-flavored anything, itsmyRayeRaye, fashion, tattoos, daisies, getting presents, my sister Safiya, giving presents, iced tea, the LGBT community, lipstick, Sidney, big white comfortable beds, African food (yes the entire continent, everything) fluffy cold pillows, clear blue skies, Garfunkel because everybody likes Simon, the 60’s, afros, Ali Rabie, Ali Rabie’s kittens, bubble baths with Lush bombs, Katherine Moennig, Helena Peabody, kids who love the Beatles, polite people, elderly couples, British accents, meeting people who love the Beatles, sunrises/sunsets and the smell of clean laundry!

Random Things I Hate: Bad breath, ugly people who have even uglier personalities, body odour, violence, people who hate the Beatles and prefer the Rolling Stones, people who complain about everything, racism, politics, people who insist on singing but sing terribly, mean people, George Bush, gossipers, hypocrites, being ignored, itchy tags on new clothes, when the morning wind ruins my make-up, being sick, lima beans, cherries, bananas, 3D cartoons that used to be 2D until 2010 (as if kids now are blind to anything that’s not 3D), Donald Trump, fan girls who are crazy about people no one knows/cares about, public transportation, liars, being forced to play sports, ugly sunglasses, when food gets stuck in my teeth, being cold, losing one sock in the washing machine, thinking about food all day only to find out that someone ate it, mosquitoes, snails, flies, most teenagers, sweating, being bored, wen ppl ryt lyk dis.

I collect… Lipsticks. I have every color.

I love it when… Sidney laughs.

I hate it when… people like Trump successfully run for President.

People who’ve inspired me: John Lennon, Michelle Obama & my parents

Where I shop: Forever 21, Missguided, Asos, New Look, River Island, Bershka, Stradivarius, Zara, H&M, Umwali, Rose Carbone, MAC Cosmetics, Sephora, Galeries Lafayette, Ettika.

I think I’ve said it all! What do YOU want to know?


29 thoughts on “Random Facts About Me

  1. ouch u hate preteens!!!!!! i am like just leaving preteen group in two months and that hurt my feelings. Tell me why u hate them.

  2. hey zahra! its mimi!(dominique)
    i love your:
    zahra-and-no1-else-ish blog! And just one question,uhm do u like horses/ponies? cause u didnt mention it on your blog! (wats your fave animal?) just curious…..c_c….ANYHOW, i like the beetles very much so no need 2 hate me!(cause im like exactly a pre-teen (12) ). Now how shall i round this off,uhm, well, babye!

    • I forgot to answer your question though, I do love ponies though not as much as you haha. I especially like the really short blond haired ones with the white star on their forehead, brown fur and hair on their hooves. I don’t remember what they’re called though.

  3. Hey! umm if u like the princess diaries series by meg cabbot then do u like her series callded Airhead i love it. just wondering. Also i am 13 almost 14 and am a total beatles fan and because you love them this is like me new fave blog. :D

  4. I used to wear maxi dresses, too – back in the day, as you young ‘uns say (I should SPECIFY – not ‘precise’ – around the ’70s era!) BTW, no Fringlish, please!

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